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If our clients receive this post, steam authenticator pc we can safely assume that the victim has a steam account. Regrettably, in addition to millions of conscientious steam players, there are also scammers on the site who seek to cash in on someone else's account. We will be able to show you about the surveillance and stealth settings that you get to use to prevent them.
How to hide an individual steam account how to reverse the steam passwordhow to set up steam guard - two-factor authentication in steamhow to set up steam guard mobile authenticatorhow to know if you're a member of your accounthow to protect yourself from steam phishing links
How to make your steam account privatehow to hide game data and your steam inventoryhow to avoid steam spamhow to hide screenshots and steam workshop details
How to protect your email or steam social network
To prevent your gmail or facebook from being hacked, you need to secure it. This is where privacy settings come into play. In order to open the videos in the program on your computer device:
- Click on the existing unusual name in the upper right corner.- Select "data about your registration". Another chance to get similar settings in the steam desktop app:
- Click on steam in the top bottom corner.- Select "settings". Your steam password must be strong
Is your steam password short and easy to guess, like 123456 or a pet's name? Or are you using the same one as well for facebook and/or gmail viewer accounts? Then we suggest changing it immediately.
Our company has a separate post on how to come up with (and never forget) a practically unbreakable password. And here's how to explain it, never reuse passwords.
To change your steam password:
- Open steam settings.- Select "change password... ".
How to set up steam guard - two-factor authentication in steam
Even an extremely high-quality password will not be able to help if it is stolen - almost no one is guaranteed how nor regrettable. So always enable two-factor authentication (2fa), which valve calls steam guard. With 2fa, if you or someone else tries to fuck into your account registration from an unknown device, steam not only asks for your password, but also for an additional code that is pulled to your internet address or generated in a cellular application. These codes are updated automatically every half minute, making them nearly impossible to guess. Let's say more, they only deal once, hence the conclusion: if you enter into their assistance, no one else can prepare it.
By default, steam sends these computer program licenses to e-mail. Here's what to do if you disabled it for any reason, or plan to raise codes in the steam virtual application (which we will explain in another page):
- Open the settings.- Click "steam guard personal registration security control ..." Or "steam guard management".- Select the method of taking the login and password: by email or in the cellular application.
How to set up mobile authenticator steam guard
Getting individual software licenses to email is very slow, not too reliable, since email accounts are often hacked. There is a great option: steam allows you to generate individual codes in a virtual application. First of all, it's safer. Further, the code is always generated instantly. Here's how to set up steam guard on your smartphone:
- Install the steam app on your personal iphone (ios or android and log in to your account.- Tap on the three bars in the top left corner.– Select steam guard.– Click add authenticator.– Enter your mobile number when prompted.– Open the email from steam and confirm that the gambler is looking to bind the number to the executable account.- In the add-on on your smartphone, click "next" and enter the code from the text message.- Write down the recovery code that is displayed in the add-on and save the room in a safe place - you will need it if you sometimes lose your phone. - Click "done", and the variety is ready.From now on, the application will display your 2fa codes in the steam guard category.
If you don’t even remember to sort out the systems on someone else’s gadget or think that we have been hacked, you can force a logout on any gadget, also, to which one you are using. To this end, in addition on personal equipment:
– Open the settings.- Select "control steam guard entry security..." Or "manage steam guard".- Click "deauthorize any others". Devices.
You are now the only person logged into your account. Also in our time, the best time is to change the account and run steam guard so that no one can get into the released account.
How to protect yourself from phishing links in steam
Cyber poachers looking for accounts full of matches and accessories are constantly creating fake sites to steal steam logins and passwords. In order to interest users, they publish links in the comments category or something else, promising almost real money, like game keys, free products or huge discounts. Then, when you take the bait, your credentials will go directly to the scammers.
To warn customers against such a fatal mistake, steam warns about links leading to unnecessary sites. This feature is possible and enabled by default in the cellular app, but if for any reason you have disabled it:
– Open alternative software.– Tap on the three bars in the upper left corner. Corner of the screen.- Select "settings".- Open "application settings".- Select "alert me for non-steam links".
Setting steam privacy
An excessively public profile can cause problems. For example, if scammers see how expensive games or items are in one or another price list, they will probably show an undesirable attachment to the selected steam account. And if you all allow any addressee to post reviews on your personal page, you should not be upset if you are flooded with advertising and insults. Because of this, our staff recommends spending some time setting up data access restrictions for unauthorized persons on a particular page.
Here are the settings in the desktop version of steam:
– Click your name in the upper right corner of the screen.– Select view my profile.– Click edit profile.– Select my security settings.
in the steam mobile app, you can get them on the website:
- Tap on the three bars in the upper one of the corners of the screen.- Select "settings". - Go to the appropriate section of the application.- Click "steam settings".- Open the "security settings" tab.
How to hide your own steam page from strangers
If you don't really want other people to see your profile, make it completely private. For something like this:
– Open the security settings.– Click on the address next to “my profile”.– Select “exclusively for true connoisseurs of antiquity, or “private”.
now only your name and avatar are visible to strangers. Some elements cannot be hidden, however, in steam it would be nice if you use a fictitious name and a funny anime character as an avatar.
How to hide information about completed games, items, and friends
If you only want to hide certain information from others (such as game lists or skin collections), use the steam security settings to adjust its visibility.
- Open the security settings. - Click on the link next to warzone news, friends, or inventory.- Select "for the true connoisseurs of antiquity alone, or "personal".
How to hide screenshots and illustrations in steam
Screenshots and illustrations are also not important to show to everyone. You will be able to determine their visibility at any time. Settings for any picture are individual; so you have the right to choose an image for everyone, whether you plan to make it visible to everyone, or only to friends or personally in the hands.
To hide a new screenshot or illustration, select family or friends only in the "visibility" directory in the upload window.
To hide an already uploaded screenshot or illustration:
- Open your screenshots or illustrations. – Tap manage screenshots or manage.– Select the snaps you want to hide.– Tap friends only or swipe private.
Sometimes it’s more convenient not to hide the image, but make it convenient to view as much as the address. By doing this it won't show up in search results or in the steam community feed, it will give the music lover a chance to choose who to share it with. If the image is new, select "private" under "visibility" in the upload box. If you want to restrict access to an already uploaded screenshot or artwork:
– Open your own screenshots or artwork.– Click manage screenshots or manage.– Select the photos you wish to hide.– Click make hidden.
On the tabs of your account reserved for this information, you also have the opportunity to limit the visibility of videos, mods and objects created in the steam service center.
How to avoid spammers and trolls on steam
Have you already hidden the most personal? Now let's try to deal with advertising banners and trolling. To prevent anyone from posting comments or leaving suspicious links on a particular page, you have the ability to condition how comments are handled. For something like this:
– Open the security settings.– Click on the address in the registry “i can post reviews on the proposed profile.”– Select “specially for loved ones, or “personal” .
How to stop leakage of information, funds and purchases on steam
Your profile is now set up, thanks to gabin. Now your gaming life is much better protected than before. However, cybercriminals can still try to deceive you - for example, by selling an already used game key or asking you to borrow an expensive item. Be careful and never trust anyone.
- Don't visit addresses in messages from the support company or other users. Fraud is based on a carrot (for example, fake lotteries with beautiful prizes) or a stick (threats to block gamers' accounts, etc.). Check any data in official sources.- Do not dream of conscientiousness and scout honor. And beware of any freebies. Do not forget that if the surface is too cheap, it may be a hack trap.- Do not install extensions to improve the gameplay or third-party programs. Using a cheat program will result in a vac lock, or in most cases it will just reward your pc with viruses, no need to give its connoisseur the edge in a competitive battle.- Use the generic security option that identifies virus and phishing links. If your family has our antivirus installed, learn how to fix it to steam (spoiler alert: it's easy).

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