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They call it a gateway game and that's it it's not very different from a collar drug, that is to say, simple clothes or shoes that can, with any attempt, turn into an obsession that makes you scratch your skin, scream nonsense things about not quite enough meeples left to get your precious monastery.
Carcassonne, on first reading, is a fairly simple board game. You and your opponent(s) place tiles that, when strategically placed, form cities, farms, roads, and monasteries. To get points, you place tiny wooden game pieces called followers, or meeples, on the tiles to get up to them.
So what is it about betting that makes you so passionately addicted? Some point to meeples, who have an almost cult following that undoubtedly outnumbers any rabid admirers, say lord licorice from candy land. You can purchase an exclusive skin (for someone who wants to, so that their camo-painted meeple blends into the background) and extract an award named after them (meeple's choice awards, in honor of your favorite board games and now they have started universal. Identifier european board games.
Of course, if a board game was popular just because of its figures, no one would try to click monopoly.(Who in their right mind would want to represent their competitive gameplay with a thimble or an iron? ) Carcassonne, the recipient of the 2001 spiel des jahres, the most prestigious award in game design, has a charm that seduced europe and is gradually gaining a following (no pun intended) in america.
Board games exist as at least 5500 years old, most of the earliest of them were found in egypt [source: curry] or rather, we use games for relaxation, besides the fact that people just have fun, they take over the inner feeling when movies defeat enemies and, on the other hand when their manically competitive sister-in-law crushes them again on the last turn of the game. Under any circumstances, all users create a shared experience - and memories that create a sense of community and give any gambler a special role [source: curry].
French-germanic origins of carcassonne
Perhaps it won't surprise you that a game like carcassonne - banal and without a hint of technology or dynamic features - is set up a hundred years ago on a medieval battlefield and played for centuries without additions or changes.
So prepare yourself for a shock when you find out that carcassonne is the same age as your favorite disney star. Originally published in 2000, it was published by german designer klaus jurgen-wrede. His inspiration was a trip to the south of france, where he studied the trail of the albigensian crusade (religious war in the 13th century). Carcassonne, a city in france that actively participated in the crusade, is an extremely fortified city, surrounded by walls and dotted with castles. And castles... Then i tweaked the tiles a bit: balancing the number of parts of the city, paths, intersections, to get interesting gameplay," says jurgen-wrede [source: brettspillguiden].
Carcassonne is considered a classic german-style game, a term that encourages you to imagine a game covered in sausage and lederhosen, but it just means that the game reflects the system and style of play of a similar group of games made popular by german developers.These are the main qualities that distinguish german gambling games (sometimes called "eurogames"): [source: the economist]:
Aversion to luck
great advantage when deploying a real strategy
Economic focus
The desire to keep all players in the game until the end
The germans were obsessed with games in the nineteenth century, and some suggested that the cheapness of entertainment contributed their popularity [source: the economist]. 1995 saw the release of settlers of catan (another german export); as of 2012, 15 million playsets have been sold [source: curry].
Board games may seem like just fun and (ahem) games, but in reality there is a thriving learning movement. Them seriously. The international society for the study of board games, the international association for the study of board games, and scientific journals that list "game and culture" study the educational, sociological, and psychological aspects of board games. These studies have found that board games reflect culture and pass it on to new generations [source: whitehill].
But enough history - let's learn how to play this game! Let's play carcassonne!
Let's play our little version of carcassonne to get consumers to decide if it works. To do this, let's just imagine that we are all playing now. (It is worth noting that although there are older games with slightly different rules, the ones we offer in this article are the most recent, so-called "third edition" rules ).
first, we'll stack all but the one-shot of these 72 tiles face down; you can recognize its initial by the lighter letter "c" on its opposite side. Many of these tiles depict a special aspect of the french countryside: a field, a farm, a castle, a road, or a monastery. I take a tile face down from the stack and find the right place to link this art to one tile. The tile must match" with an existing tile: a road must attempt to make contact with a road, a city wall must connect to another wall, a field must be placed green to green, etc.
now i'm standing in front of choice problem. I have eight followers (or meeples). I can place a follower on the tile i just placed, which means i bet i can build an area around that tile with a road, city, monastery, or farm. However, i cannot remove my meeple from this until one of these functions has been completed (for example, connected sections of the road, a completely walled city, a monastery surrounded by nine tiles, etc.). Once i've decided whether or not to place a meeple, it's the next player's turn, and so on until all tiles are not particularly placed and the game is over.
Note that you can only place meeples if there are no competing meeples. Is present, and that once this feature is completed, you will have your meeple back. Here are more details about building build placement and scoring:
The knight is possibly in a segment of a city tile, which gives the user two points for each tile that the city consists of. Other tiles have a pennant symbol that can give you two extra points.
A monk may be placed on a monastery tile; after passing the monastery, the client scores nine points.
A thief can be placed on a road tile and, when the road regresses, in a capital, monastery, or intersection (or loops), the client scores a point for each tile, from which the road consists.
Farmers can exist on the field tiles; fields are only scored at the end of the game.
After all tiles are placed, scoring includes fields and unfinished buildings, for example:
unfinished roads get a point for tile.
Incomplete cities score one point per tile, while each pennant is worth a point.
Incomplete monasteries score a point per monastery tile plus each adjacent tile .
Each farm gets three points if the farm is next to a completed city. If the completed city has more than one farm "supplying" the cure, then the gambler with the most farms on neighboring farms scores points. But a draw is scored by all participating players.
In short, this is carcassonne. But we would be lying if we said that this is the end. Read on to think more about warzone and the training that such a cunning player can apply if you are.
What's in the case?When you open the carcassonne base game, you will find 72 tiles of land, 40 followers (or meeples) of all five shades, a booklet with rules, a summary table and a scoring table. You will use one of your eight meeples to keep track of your own score on the scoring board, moving your child or lady around depending on your accumulated points. Keep the remaining seven pieces ready to attack strategic tiles as you go.
Carcassonne's strategy
Getting an idea of carcassonne is the first thing; but when you think you're going to win, you can't just rely on a general idea of the rules. Like a lot of german board games, carcassonne uses more strategic placement than pg's screen nudity scene. Although it depends on where you place the tiles, the real strategy starts with the placement of the meeps.
As well as in a more rough game like dodgeball, carcassonne can really be played as an attack, as well as in protection. On the one hand, you can just try to build as many cities, roads, monasteries and farms as possible. You will have points by collecting tiles. In a situation where you are more aggressive (and possibly vengeful), you may notice that you need to come up with ways to steal power from other players. This might involve placing tiles to block an opponent's path, or taking over a city through clever tile placement [source: vasel].
If you are more of a kind and caring person (or you are forever so far ahead that you do not see other players as a threat), you also plan to share points by working with someone else to build a city . By placing opposing meeples on non-contiguous tiles, and building cities into each other at the end, you can share points (if no one has more meeples) and maybe even complete the city faster if you get lucky in a couple of draws.
Of course, you also need to make sure you place farmers in the fields so that visitors have a strong end game. You need to know that farmers, unlike cavaliers, monks and thieves, are in a cell until the end of the warzone and are able to earn you points depending on how many completed cities they "supply." You need to think about how many points you aim to get after the game, and how many meeples you will tie.
Which brings customers to an important part of carcassonne's strategy: achieving harmony between scoring with gameplay capability and accumulating them for the final score. That the players have strong opinions of this kind, you will agree, do not say anything.Go to any carcassonne forum to find a list of opposing opinions, any of which is argued as follows.
Here are a number of points that can help you dominate at the end of the game:
Completed monasteries are an easy 9 points, and any tile for unfinished is a point in the bag.Place your monasteries close to each other so that buyers can complete several at the same time and get some points.
Create a farmer first and build your farms big. Make sure you have a farmer near as many completed cities as possible, this will allow you to accumulate points after, three in one vial.
Know your tiles. This may sound like madness, but also like competitive poker players and magicians at corporate birthday parties, for example, you need to know which tiles are left in the draw at the very end. Spend a few days reviewing the available tiles so our visitors can easily tell when your city is unfinished or your road will never pass.
Meeples go proyou're thinking that tried to play carcassonne with your most competitive friend or sister-in-law set up for a scary strategy is hard? However, in those years, do not be tempted to join the championship of the land, in carcassonne, which is annually held in belgium and france during the playing spectacles in essen (essen internationalen spieltage). The tournament is not for the faint of heart, featuring timers, mains and 12 tour participants who have proven their reputation in their country of carcassonne.
Extensions, oh my!
So, you played carcassonne and were absolutely delighted. You've racked up a bunch of points during a game, accumulated sun glasses to protect your eyes for the final sporting event, and memorized the tiles so you know exactly what's left in the pile at the end. You've cleared the floor of the monastery with all the worlds you played with.
If you think you've exhausted absolutely everything carcassonne has to offer, then you're either as clueless as a meeple without a tile. Because despite the fact that visitors have recently reviewed the simplest carcassonne game, there are still as many as 19 expansions that you get a chance to add to spice up the game.
Add-ons often consist of new tiles, meeples , figures and rules. These are not stand-alone games, which are just additions to the most basic game. You can add multiple additions at a time if you really want to make something interesting (or decide to kill minutes and hours).
Here is a list of a few of the more extensive additions and what other measures offer:
Inns and cathedrals: this add-on adds inns and cathedrals tiles that give you extra points if they are provided in a city or monastery. There is also a variant for a sixth player.
Merchants and builders: hold on to your own hat, as this expansion features a builder (brings the player the next turn if used correctly) and a pig (which adds glasses). To the farm). There are also tiles with accessories; at the end, players get points when they have the highest score.
The princess and the dragon: everything is going crazy in carcassonne! New tiles accompany the possibility of placing meeples on long-played tiles, new techniques for removing meeples from the site, and a protection tile for meeples. Truly fantastic!
Mini expansions are also available (carcassonne: the river or die katharer). They typically contain five additional tiles, allowing for a new scoring feature and resources, as opposed to larger rule-editing apps.
If you have conquered an analogue of carcassonne, consider many combinations. Which are now available electronically. The xbox has a game variant (including expansions) that can be played on xbox or xbox live, and there is also a version for windows. If you need to play carcassonne digitally with friends, there's a facebook platform for you, as well as a mobile version ($9.99) that lets you set up multiplayer (or pc players if friends were obsessed) your obsession with carcassonne).Not tired yet? Place your meeple on the next page for more information about carcassonne and other board game smarties.
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